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Portfolio Masonry

The Masonry layout for portfolio lists, similar to the blog Masonry Gallery, puts creative power into your hands. You can define which of your portfolio projects will be most prominent on the list by choosing a size for each project, and you have an amazing collection of seven distinct hover types to choose from. Make your portfolio perfect with the portfolio Masonry layout.


Portfolio Pinterest

The Pinterest style portfolio list layout gives you a modern and stylish way to present your inspiring portfolio. Projects are neatly arranged into columns of the same width, while the length of each project depends on the featured image you upload. This creates a beautiful gallery type layout in which the focus is placed on your beautiful portfolio images.


Standard Portfolio

The Standard portfolio layout is perfect for providing users with an instant informative overview of your projects. The title and category of each project is displayed under the featured image, and you have the freedom to choose in how many columns you would like the projects displayed, whether you want them in a full-width or narrow layout, and more.


Masonry Gallery

The Masonry blog template in Fair gives you the freedom to fully design and customize the look of your blog page. Display featured images, quotes, multimedia content, or simply titles of blog posts in a beautiful block layout. Define the size of each block individually, and make your most important posts larger and more prominent using the beautiful Masonry Gallery.


Masonry Layout

The standard Masonry layout lets you provide more information about each post in the post excerpt. All posts are carefully sorted in rows of the same width, while the length of each post box depends on the size of the featured image. Add to this beautiful and smooth hover animations, and you get a captivating and highly informative blog list layout.


Simple Template

The Simple blog list layout in Fair is the perfect way to go if you want to put your writing front and center. Posts are sorted in a clean list displaying the post title, excerpt text, and additional post information. The hover animation that follows the movement of your mouse and the loading of posts as you scroll down the page make for an amazing interactive experience.